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Public Transit to MDC

Transit systems save the earth by reducing carbon emissions; our special offers save you money!

Miami Dade Transit

College Pass
Are you a full time student? Get a 50% discount off your monthly pass. To buy the College Pass, bring your valid student ID to the Campus Bookstore. For more information and for access to a trip-planner and transit directions CLICK HERE.

Corporate Discount Program
Miami-Dade Transit has proposed a Corporate Discount Program (CDP) to support employees who commute via Bus, Express Bus and/or Metro-rail. This program would be offered to all employees, however full time employees would be able to pay for their discounted Easy Cards through payroll deduction. If you would be interested in this program, please speak with your department head to encourage them to promote the program. Learn more »

Anyone who rides the bus, Metrorail or Tri-Rail to campus qualifies to enroll to the Emergency Ride Home Program, that provides commuters with six free taxi rides home in case of an emergency. Please Click Here for your free enrollment and to learn all about this program.


Planning your commute on Tri-Rail is easy. Get 50% off your monthly, round-trip or one-way pass after pre-qualifying as a student. Learn more

For directions to your MDC campus, click here.

Student Discount Program
College students are eligible to receive a 50% discount on One-Way, Round Trip, Monthly and Regional Monthly Passes. Monthly passes for students transferring to Miami-Dade Transit’s Metrorail, buses or express buses will cost $70 ($50 monthly tri-rail pass and $20 MDT transfer pass). Learn More >>

Passengers who travel at a discount MUST Pre-qualify by presenting a Picture College Identification Card, a dated registration fee schedule or dated class schedule at a Tri-Rail Photo Station and obtain a Discounted Easy Card with their picture on it. For photo station hours and locations CLICK HERE.

Employer Discount Program
MDC faculty qualify to be members of Tri-Rail’s Employer Discount Program (EDP), enabling you to purchase monthly or 12-trip transit passes at a 25% discount! Click here to learn more, and to register as an EDP Member.

Obtain a Discounted Fare EASY Card that provides a 50% discount on One-Way, Round-Trip, and Monthly passes; or load EASY Card with cash value and have the price of a discounted One-Way Pass deducted per trip.

Acceptable proof of age for student’s ages 13 - 18 is a Driver's License, Florida State ID Card or an ID card distributed by a junior or senior high school. For college and vocational students, all IDs must include a photo or be accompanied by photo ID. Students who possess an ID that does not contain an expiration date, and the issue date has gone beyond four years, or if they do not have access to a college/vocational school ID, must show proof of current eligibility with a letter on school stationery which indicates part-time or full-time status and term dates or a dated registration fee schedule.

For more information, call 1-800-TRI-RAIL or click here .