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Alternative Commutes Save Time!

Preferred Parking
Miami Dade College’s Carpool Program is now available at Wolfson Campus for Students, Faculty and Staff. Registered carpoolers can take advantage of reserved parking after obtaining their Carpool Parking Permit. Vehicles must display this permit, as well as a valid MDC parking decal. Coming to other campuses soon!

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Special Offers

Corporate Discount Program (CDP)
Miami-Dade Transit offers the Corporate Discount Program (CDP) to support employee’s who commute via Bus, Express Bus and/or Metro-rail. This program is offered to all employees, however full time employees may pay for their discounted Easy Cards through payroll deduction.
If you would be interested in this program, please speak with your department head to encourage them to promote the program.
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College Pass
Are you a full time student? Get a 50% discount off your monthly pass. To buy the College Pass, bring your valid student ID to the Campus Bookstore.
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Employer Discount Program (EDP)
MDC faculty qualify to be members of Tri-Rail’s Employer Discount Program (EDP), enabling you to purchase monthly or 12-trip transit passes at a 25% discount! With this offer, a monthly Tri-Rail pass costs $60.
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95 Express Lanes

The 95 Express Lanes Project has impacted South Florida commuters and employers since the opening of the lanes in December 2008. Anyone with a Sunpass transponder or mini can use the lanes by paying a toll.  Tolls fluctuate based on the level of congestion.  Hybrid vehicles, 3+ carpools, South Florida Vanpools, Express Buses, and motorcycles can use the lanes toll-free. To register your 3+ carpool or hybrid vehicle with South Florida Commuter Services, please click Here.