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Go Green to Get Green!

Carpooling saves! Below is a table provided by AAA to show average operating costs per mile. Sharing the commute with just one other person cuts costs in half!

This table does not include parking fees or toll charges

Small Sedan Medium Sedan Large Sedan Average
Operating Costs Per mile Per mile Per mile Per mile
Gas 8.0 cents 9.8 cents 10.7 cents 9.5 cents
Maintenance 4.5 cents 4.9 cents 5.4 cents 4.9 cents
Tires 0.5 cents 0.8 cents 0.7 cents 0.7 cents
Cost per Mile 13.0 cents 15.5 cents 16.8 cents 15.1 cents

Carpools with three or more individuals and South Florida Vanpools are eligible to use 95 Express without paying a toll. Register your vehicle with South Florida Commuter Services to take advantage of this benefit.

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