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Human Power

Traveling on bike or foot? Read up on tips and savings for the greenest commuters.

Bicycling and Walking

Bicycle Commuting Tips
Using your bicycle to get around is a great way to save money and get fit. In order to be sure that your ride will be fun and enjoyable, it is important that your bicycle fits you properly and that you know how to ride safely. Read more »

Bicycles on Transit
Bicycles are allowed on all of the transit systems in South Florida. The links below will connect you to the policies of each agency.

Miami-Dade Transit »
Broward County Transit »
Tri-Rail »

Getting Directions from Google Maps
Get biking or walking directions to campus by clicking here. From the Google Maps page enter the address you are coming from and select either "walking" or "bicycling" from the drop-down box as shown below:

Google Maps Instructions