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MDC Carpool Programs and Services

Currently driving alone every day?
Most carpoolers save time, money, and even help out the environment.

MDC Kendall Campus Carpool Parking Program

The MDC Kendall Campus Carpool Parking Program provides reserved parking spaces for students, faculty and staff who are carpooling to campus. Carpool teams must register their carpools by clicking the blue button on the upper left of this page.

Registered carpool teams may park at the designated spaces located in lot 2 at the NE corner of the lot directly across from the handicapped spaces.

Please register to receive a list of students with whom you can arrange to carpool by clicking the MDC Carpool link below.

Check out how the program works at the MDC Carpool Parking Program Rules and Regulations page.

How do I know if carpooling is right for me?

You won’t know until you try! Going in, you should be willing to do two things. First, set up a carpool schedule that is convenient for all participants. Second, be open to modifying your daily routine to accommodate others.

Learn more in our Ride Guide.

MDC Carpool Matching

Carpool members can include school or work associates, or people who live near you and share a similar schedule. Many times, our RideShare Program helps commuters meet their neighbors or even make a new friend.

Need help finding someone to carpool with? MDC’s transportation partner, South Florida Commuter Services, offers a Carpool Matching Service that can help you find someone to share the ride with.

Benefits of Carpooling

95 Express
Carpools with three or more individuals and South Florida Vanpools are eligible to use 95 Express without paying a toll. Register your vehicle with South Florida Commuter Services to take advantage of this benefit. Register Here»

More Questions?

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